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Key facts

FW Capital is a fund manager that invests in growing businesses in the North East and North West of England.

North East of England

We provide:

  • Debt and equity investments to established, revenue-generating businesses in the North East from the North East Growth Plus Fund.
  • Short-term finance from £100,000 to £2 million from the Tees Valley Catalyst Fund to help ambitious North East businesses bid for new contracts.

North West of England

We provide:

  • Loans to established businesses in the North West from The North West Fund for Loans Plus
  • Loans and mezzanine investments of between £50,000 and £750,000 


2017-18 financial year - Quarter 1 update

FW Capital

  • £5.53 million invested
  • 12 investments in 12 businesses



Performance for 2016-17 financial year  


  • £6.44 million invested
  • 21 investments in 20 businesses
  • £15.72 million external private investment
  • £22 million growth capital injected into the North East and North West of England


FW Capital's investment history

Figures since 2010

  • £84.36 million invested
  • 348 investments

DBW Group

FW Capital is part of the DBW Group , which also includes xénos, the Wales Business Angel Network.

To find out more visit the DBW Group's performance page.

Contact us

To enquire about investment from FW Capital please contact us.