Our process

SMEs seeking commercial funding from FW Capital must first submit an application.

Making an application

FW Capital invests on a commercial basis, so you must be able to demonstrate in your application a business case with good growth potential and clear business objectives.

We treat each potential investment individually, so making a decision on your application will depend on the type and size of the investment you need.

Contact our investment teams for an application.

Before applying

It is important that we have a good understanding of who you are, what you are doing and how we can help. Before making an application we ask potential clients to read the following before speaking to us:

  • Investment criteria - This outlines your eligibility for investment as well as providing advice for your business plan application
  • Funds we manage - We offer different types of investment depending on the fund it comes from.

For any help or questions at this stage of the process you can contact us.

Application and business plan

Your application should include a business plan, financial records and your management team's CVs. For more information on what to include in your business plan see our business plan section.

We will need to know about your business, your financial situation and your investment requirements. Once we have received a signed copy of your application we can then proceed to the assessment stage.

What happens next?

Once received, our investment experts will assess your business plan. If the investment opportunity is interesting and eligible, we'll want to meet you to discuss your requirements in more detail.

We then:

  • Conduct initial due diligence assessment
  • Agree investment terms
  • Conduct full due diligence assessment
  • Review your application before our investment committee
  • Arrange all legal documentation 
  • Make the funds available

The time is takes from receiving an application to making the investment can depend on the quality of information we receive, the type of investment and the fund.

On-going relationship

We’ll stay in contact with you to ensure you get the most from our investment. We want all our investee businesses to succeed. If you require further rounds of investment to continue growing your business, you can arrange this with our investment team.

Contact us

To enquire about investment from FW Capital please contact us.