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New fund for North East

FW Capital’s £20 million growth fund is part of the £125 million North East JEREMIE fund. FW Capital will make commercial debt and equity investments (up to a maximum of £1.25 million a year) in established businesses based in the North East of England.

Investing in established businesses with growth plans

Your business may be revenue-earning and achieving its goals, but could benefit from an injection of investment capital to make a real change its future growth. You may be thinking about improving efficiency, reducing costs or investing in new infrastructure or equipment. Perhaps you even have expansion or business acquisition in mind.

An investment from FW Capital could help you to achieve your ambitions and make a real change in your business. Typically we’re keen to invest between £500,000 to £800,000 in a single round in established businesses to ensure that our investments make a real difference.

Further investment as your business grows

FW Capital can invest in follow-on rounds as your business grows to ensure you really achieve your growth plans.

Co-investing for success

You may require a larger investment to help you achieve your plans. If you do, FW Capital can invest with others to structure a deal that suits your needs.

The £125 million North East JEREMIE fund

FW Capital’s £20 million growth fund is one of six funds making up the North East JEREMIE fund, which is made up of the following funds:

  • A £15 million technology ‘proof-of-concept’ fund and a £20 million seed fund both managed by Newcastle-based NorthStar Equity Investors
  • A £7.5 million angel match fund managed by E-synergy (River Capital Partners) of Newcastle
  • A £20 million growth fund managed by Newcastle’s NEL Fund Managers.

North East Growth Plus Fund