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Peter Wright's viewpoint on the North East JEREMIE fund

“The North East JEREMIE fund is excellent news for established SMEs based in the North East. We’re confident that with the right investment package from FW Capital, they’ll be able to achieve their growth plans,” Peter Wright, investment director.

At FW Capital we’re excited to be investing in established SMEs in the North East, helping them achieve their growth plans. We have a wealth of experience of investing in established businesses, so we could help you with ambitions for your business’s medium to long-term growth.

Aim high in 2010

You may be thinking about improving efficiency, reducing costs or investing in new infrastructure or equipment. Perhaps you even have expansion or business acquisition in mind. We believe that right now is an excellent time for businesses to invest for growth and we’d encourage you to seize the opportunity. Be courageous and embark on a growth path in 2010.

Prepare your growth business plan now

To be able to invest in your business, we need to know it has a robust business plan with a clear exit strategy. We need to know you have a real understanding of how you’ll achieve your business’s growth plans and grow its revenues and profits.

We can often work with businesses to strengthen these key aspects of their business plan and ensure they have the best chances of success. Our web site contains information about writing a business plan which can help you in making a successful application.

We have the funds to invest, even if others are reluctant, and we’re looking forward to reviewing some interesting investment proposals and business plans.

What you should do now

Contact us with details about your business.