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Great opportunity for Merseyside businesses

With The North West Fund for Loans Plus closing on Thursday, 30 June 2016, FW Capital’s Fund Manager Gary Guest is urging more Merseyside  businesses to take advantage of the millions of pounds still available from the fund.

“Over 200 businesses have received loans from The North West Fund for Loans Plus in the last five years and just over a third of these have been Merseyside based,” Guest explained. “I’m convinced more ambitious Merseyside businesses could benefit from the millions we still have to lend, but the clock is ticking as the fund is closing at the end of June.”

Merseyside-based small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) can apply for loans from
£50,000 to £750,000 from The North West Fund for Loans Plus to fund their growth and expansion.

“Our loans have already helped Merseyside businesses expand and grow, from young businesses employing one or two people to more established businesses,” Guest continues. 

“At FW Capital we have a flexible approach and consider each business plan individually to ensure the business receives a loan that will give it the best chance of long-term success.”

These loans can provide ambitious Merseyside businesses with the injection of capital they need to fund a wide range of growth costs including stock and equipment purchases as well as staff recruitment costs. They can also help with the costs of purchasing or improving premises.

A loan from The North West Fund for Loans Plus provided Ventilation Surveys and Services Ltd (VSS) with the finance it needed to move its headquarters to Liverpool in 2015.

Since the move VSS has gone on to win new contracts and take on new staff. They have also received a second loan from FW Capital to fund their additional working capital  requirement they had as turnover increased.

“We’ve been impressed by FW Capital’s service. Carol Bolland, Investment Executive at FW Capital took time to understand our business, specialist expertise and the potential for growth in our key markets. She could also see that our expansion plans and forecasts were achievable,” explained VSS’s chief executive, George Friend.

“We’ve built a strong, proactive relationship with FW Capital and the loans we’ve received from The North West Fund for Loans Plus have provided us with the financial stability we need to achieve long- term success.”

With just over three months to go, FW Capital’s Merseyside team is keen to talk to more ambitious Merseyside businesses.

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