Top tips to help push your business forward

As an established business, you’ve faced many challenges on your journey. You’ve navigated through those first tricky years and now you’re finally beginning to reap the rewards of all your hard work.

So when is the right time to embark on an ambitious growth strategy?

The truth is business is driven by ever-changing technology and markets. Even if you're happy with your current business performance, you should keep looking for ways to develop. If you don't, you run the risk of allowing competitors the room to grow and take market share from you.

FW Capital has been helping businesses to achieve their growth ambitions since 2010 and we were thrilled to recently pass the £100m investment mark.

Based on our experience, here are some simple tips to help you continue to push your business forward:

Think Big

Set your business bigger targets and benchmark against bigger competitors.

Growing a business can be a daunting challenge but with the right approach, as well as thorough planning and investment, you can take your business to new heights.

Go to trade shows, get on Government frameworks and aim for those bigger contracts.

Remember, the right investment can support cash flow to help you win and deliver big contracts.

Embrace Innovation

Diversify into new markets, such as international or online, launch new services or products. Consider a revamp or repositioning of your brand to boost the business. Show your ambition, open a second outlet or even acquire another business. 

If you’ve never invested in your business, then maybe it’s time for a cash injection to allow your business to make a step change.  Or, it may be the right time to consider equity investment and reap the benefits of bringing experienced and innovative investors on board to help accelerate growth.

Invest in Success

Look at your systems and processes and identify your weak areas. Aim to reduce outsourcing costs and boost productivity.

Think about investing in new equipment, premises, systems, and product lines.

Consider developing your staff – they are often your biggest asset. Investing in your staff can help them feel valued and motivated and also result in engagement and productivity.

Remember, improved services can help give your business a better reputation and a stronger USP.

Help is on Hand

FW Capital manages a number of funds which have helped businesses achieve national and international success.

NPIF – FW Capital Debt Finance, provides growth capital investments from £100k up to £750k, while the Tees Valley Catalyst Fund provides short terms loans which can help you win new contracts by changing the way you tender.

We’re able to offer expanding businesses backing of up to £2m and we work alongside other funders.  Whichever strategy you need to make growth a reality, we can help you through.