As a leading UK SME investor our investment teams share the unique insight into the growth challenges many SME management teams face.



What can a business loan do for your growth strategy?

You’ve been successfully running your business for a few years, you’re established, income is stable and now you are focused on making a significant investment in your business’ growth strategy.

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Top tips to help push your business forward

As an established business, you’ve faced many challenges on your journey. You’ve navigated through those first tricky years and now you’re finally beginning to reap the rewards of all your hard work.

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Would a share of £122m make a difference to your firm's plans on Teesside?

Joanne Whitfield – North East Fund Manager for FW Capital - on helping region's entrepreneurs

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NPIF Debt Finance funding SME success

SMEs are ambitious yet without a solid funding stream, this ambition could be nothing more than a pipe dream. Whether it’s new equipment, cash injections or extra working capital, businesses need money to continue growing.

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Investment scene in Cumbria

By Maria Ramsdale

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Judging: A chance to meet great companies

Picking a shortlist for any award is a difficult process, especially when you have so many excellent entrants. That’s why we go out and meet all the nominated businesses where possible.

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What do ambitious companies need to think about in order to grow?

When planning business growth it is important to make sure you have enough money available. While some businesses are lucky enough to have ready cash, most raise external finance. Couple this with a strong funding partner where goals are aligned and you can actually help to accelerate growth. For any company aiming to grow, no matter their size or how long they’ve been trading, there are a number of things to consider.

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Tees Valley Business Summit 2016

On July 5, our North East team attended the Tees Valley Business Summit. The event was a great opportunity to meet ambitious businesses and key intermediaries working in the area.

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Great opportunity for Merseyside businesses

With The North West Fund for Loans Plus closing on Thursday, 30 June 2016, FW Capital’s Fund Manager Gary Guest is urging more Merseyside businesses to take advantage of the millions of pounds still available from the fund.

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Millions for Merseyside

Gary Guest, Fund Manager at FW Capital urges more Merseyside businesses to take up available funding until 30th June 2016.

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An alternative route to success

“Small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) now have more potential funding options to choose from than ever before, but with numerous alternative funders, each offering something different, choosing the right funder is a crucial decision and one that can pay dividends in future,” according to Gary Guest, FW Capital’s Fund Manager in the North West.

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FW Capital – an alternative catalyst for growth

Joanne Pratt, FW Capital’s Fund Manager in the North East explains why she believes alternative funders can offer SMEs a valuable source of long-term growth funding.

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Bigger loans for more business

Having already lent £12m to over 75 businesses from The North West Fund for Business Loans since 2011, FW Capital has been given another £10m to lend to established SMEs.

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New fund is the catalyst Tees Valley firms need to win new contracts

The launch of the Tees Valley Catalyst Fund at the end of June 2013 has been welcomed by many Tees Valley businesses.

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FW Capital ‘actively investing in established SMEs in the North East’

With October’s Agents’ summary of business conditions from the Bank of England reporting that ‘fear of re-pricing or withdrawal of existing facilities continued to discourage many small businesses from approaching lenders altogether’, FW Capital’s investment director, Peter Wright assesses the current availability of business finance for small and medium-sized businesses or SMEs and the outlook for 2012 - 13.

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Structure your growth investment

Funding your long-term growth plans with a well-structured mezzanine or quasi-equity funding package can offer some significant benefits and underpin your future success.

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Investing for a bright future

JEREMIE funding brought FW Capital to the North East and since then the fund management company has been impressed by the investment opportunities on offer in the region.

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Funding for Wirral-based companies

While bank lending to small and medium-sized businesses remains a hot topic, the recently launched £35 million North West Fund for Business Loans is providing a real boost for the North West's businesses.

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Gary Guest on getting the deal 'over the line'

Having already lent more than £2 million from a standing start in early 2011, the North West Fund for Business Loans is providing a real boost for the North West’s businesses.

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Focus on creating real business value

“Businesses often only think of loans when they’re considering investing in their growth, but even the best business plan can be thwarted by inappropriate or inadequate investment,” Coles explains. “I’m keen to encourage businesses to match the right funding package to their business plan right from the start and consider the potential benefits equity investment can offer.”

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Andrew Coles' viewpoint on business plans

Many businesses need to be better capitalised to achieve their growth plans and a strong business plan is crucial when it comes to securing a suitable finance package. Andrew Coles, fund manager at FW Capital explains what he looks for in a business plan.

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Andrew Coles' viewpoint on investing in growing businesses

I've already talked to a number of established North East-based businesses with interesting growth plans. But why should businesses be investing to expand and what makes a robust plan?

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Peter Wright's viewpoint on the North East JEREMIE fund

“The North East JEREMIE fund is excellent news for established SMEs based in the North East. We’re confident that with the right investment package from FW Capital, they’ll be able to achieve their growth plans,” Peter Wright, investment director.

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